Mesa Pizza bouncer accused of knocking out customer's tooth for no good reason

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A Mesa bouncer allegedly beat up a patron and pepper-sprayed his friends.
A man who was hanging out with friends at the Mesa Pizza in Dinkytown early Sunday morning says he was assaulted by a bouncer.

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Gunnar Brown told the Minnesota Daily the bouncer "never said a word to me; he just started taking me out." Brown says the bouncer grabbed his jacket, dragged him outside, then knocked out one of his front teeth with two punches to the face.

"I don't remember exactly what I was saying," Brown told the Daily. "But I never touched the guy."

Brown's friends say they tried to intervene but were pepper-sprayed by the bouncer.

The bouncer later said he initially grabbed Brown because he thought he was responsible for turning the restaurant's lights off. Brown denies any involvement.

Nobody was arrested in connection with the incident, though Minneapolis Police Department spokesman Steven McCarty says an investigation is ongoing.

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