Michele Bachmann and Bradlee Dean both set to speak at right-wing event

Who's up for a road trip down to Florida!?
Michele Bachmann and Bradlee Dean go way back. For instance, when Bradlee found himself taking heat for an anti-gay prayer he delivered before the Legislature back in 2011, Michele came to his aid with a prayer of her own where she professed support for Bradlee and asked God to transform Minnesota into a "sweet-smelling incense of praise and sacrifice."

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Sure, Dean threw his prayer-pal under the bus a few months later, but in two weeks, Minnesota's most notorious right-wing nutjobs will be back together again.

Bachmann and Dean are both scheduled to speak at the Freedom Federation's The Awakening 2013 event, which is happening April 19 and 20 at the First Baptist Oviedo church in Oviedo, Florida.

The event, which features more than 60 speakers, is advertised as "in-depth Prayer and Patriotism event where people are united by love for our country's freedom and our faith in Christ," according to the Freedom Federation's website.

"As our nation's honor is deteriorating, now is the time to take a stand and restore our country's strength and dignity!" the website post continues.

Tickets are $20 more than we'd advise anybody ever spend to see Bradlee or Michele speak, though you can bet we'll be watching videos of their respective talks if they find the light of day on YouTube.

For the increasingly marginalized Dean, it's an opportunity to prove he can still share a stage with Republicans that some people actually take seriously (like the remarkably resilient Bachmann). And for Michele, it's an opportunity to show she can still deliver a speech that isn't so chock-full of absurdities the national media can't stop bashing her for it for the better part of two weeks.

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TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

"The Communist Party USA not only welcomes the reelection of President Barack Obama, but actively engaged in the electoral campaign for his reelection and for the election of many Democratic Party congressional candidates. We regarded the 2012 election as the most important in the United States since 1932, an election held in the midst of the Great Depression."

 See, Democrats and Communist, one of the same...


No Westboro folks??? How can they have this omission?

Shaun Zimmerman
Shaun Zimmerman

This event is brought to you by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and City Pages Minneapolis.

swmnguy topcommenter

If you haven't eaten recently, you should follow the links to see who else is appearing at this event in Florida.  It's quite the menagerie.

- Bachmann and Dean, of course.

- Most of the staff of Liberty University (Jerry Falwell's diploma mill).

- Pamela Gellar and Frank Gaffney (two of the most vicious racist and religious bigots outside of prison gangs)

- Former General "Jerry" Boykin, whose inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric helped Al Quaeda so much the Army had to get rid of him.

- Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Sec. of State, who nakedly tried to rig Ohio's elections by removing polling places from Democratic-leaning precincts, and preventing registered voters from voting.

- Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the "Quiverfull" couple who have at least 19 natural children; motivated to singlehandedly keep America white and fundamentalist Protestant.

- Rep. Steve Pearce (R), Ariz., who might be the second-craziest Representative in the US House.

The rest of the bill is filled up with placeholders of relative obscurity.  They're all making a living in the far-right, religious extremist, nativist, racist fringe.  They work in the interlocking network of internet outlets, fundamentalist diploma-mill colleges, churches, and affiliated non-profits.  They write articles citing each other, filling up Google searches and creating resumes for each other.

This event has all the credibility of a porn convention, with less conviviality.  A horse-dose of  Ciprofloxacin would be a good idea for anyone attending either.

Ed Burn
Ed Burn

Too bad she doesn't look as evil as she is inside. She'd get away with less of this crap.


She's garbage. She needs to be put where her hateful stench doesn't defile our freedoms. The people that give her a place in Congress should be ashamed. 

Brie MacDougall
Brie MacDougall

It only makes sense that someone who is hot for Jesus would engage in an in-depth prayer sesh.

Randy Bell
Randy Bell

That's the wacky world of Michele Bachmann...lol

Zachary Vex
Zachary Vex

Offering us up more batshit-crazy-ass sound bites as she tries to not think about being investigated for improper use of campaign funds. You're going down, Michele, and you will be forgotten. Completely.

TheConservativeJerk topcommenter


Um, OK.

"The Communist Party USA not only welcomes the reelection of President Barack Obama, but actively engaged in the electoral campaign for his reelection and for the election of many Democratic Party congressional candidates."

See, one of the same... 

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