Minnesota for Marriage's Hinckley rally was the biggest megafail in the history of megafails [VIDEO]

Um... let's just say Minnesota for Marriage's roadshow isn't exactly on par with the Stones in '72 as far as hot tickets go.
Last weekend, Minnesota for Marriage took its show on the road in hopes of drumming up some last-minute bigotry before the legislature gets around to voting on marriage equality.

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The first "rally" on this tour for Minnesota's leading anti-gay group was held in a parking lot in Hinckley. And a TV news report from the local NBC affiliate about that event is perhaps the most unintentionally hilarious thing we've ever seen.

First of all, hardly anyone braved the sleet and snow to attend. Second, Minnesota for Marriage "offered T-shirts and buttons for sale, but ended up tossing some of the shirts into the thin crowd for free [while looking really sad]." And third, the local state Representative -- Democrat Tim Faust -- gets on stage and basically admits he's willing to cast his vote whichever way he thinks the wind is blowing, telling constituents he's undecided and willing to let them make up his mind for him.

Words don't do it justice. Here's the short-and-sweet footage (it's unclear which local station this clip originates from, though it's embedded in this KARE report):

Whew... between this and Mike Frey's testimony, who needs satire?

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