Minnesota United FC beats Edmonton 2-0 in first Flyover Cup match

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Minnesota United fans literally banging the drum for their team.
Minnesota United FC took home its first victory of the season Saturday afternoon, beating Edmonton 2-0 at the Metrodome.

It was the team's second game since rebranding from the Stars (they tied against San Antonia two weeks ago). Forward Simone Bracalello scored 31 minutes into the game on a penalty shot, and midfielder Lucas Rodriguez secured the win in the 74th minute.

The game also marked a small victory for Minnesota's most diehard fans -- called the Dark Clouds -- who hold a friendly, season-long competition with Edmonton, explains Dark Clouds member Wes Burdine.

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The rivalry began in 2011 after a wildfire burned through the town of Slave Lake, Alberta, leaving hundreds homeless. Minnesota fans rallied and collected $1,500 in donations, which they sent to the local Red Cross to aid victims of the fire. Edmonton responded by donating to Red Cross in Minnesota after a tornado hit north Minneapolis.

Now, fans from Edmonton and Minnesota pick a local charity every year and throw in money. The fans of the team with the better record at the end of the season get to donate two-thirds of the pool to their charity; the remainder goes to the loser's charity.

"Because we have no close regional rivals, and they have no one near them, we created a rivalry with Edmonton and called it the 'Flyover Cup,'" says Burdine.

Edmonton won the cup the first year of the rivalry, and Minnesota took it back last year, says Burdine.

Here's a picture of the cup, along with a few other images from Saturday's game:

A Minnesota fan holding up the coveted Flyover Cup.

Fans started pregaming at the Nomad World Pub at 11 a.m., and once sufficiently lubricated, trudged through the snow to the Metrodome.

Here's video of the Dark Clouds (including the Marxist sect) rallying outside the Dome before the game:

Never missing a chance for celebration, Dark Cloud threw out white and blue streamers after each goal.

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