Mishandled Regions stillborn had 14-year-old mother and 32-year-old father

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Charges have been filed in connection with last week's incident, though they have nothing to do with the mishandled stillborn.
Jose Armando Recinos-Ramirez faces a statutory rape charge after prosecutors determined he impregnated a 14-year-old girl who later gave birth to the stillborn that was mishandled by Regions Hospital and sent to a Red Wing laundromat.

THE BACKSTORY: Baby boy's dead body found in Regions Hospital's dirty linens

According to a criminal complaint, Recinos-Ramirez and the girl met at the Mall of America last summer. He told her he was 17, and she told him she was 18, though he acknowledged soon becoming suspicious about the girl's true age.

Recinos-Ramirez acknowledged having sex with the girl "once or twice," but told police he couldn't be sure he was the father since she'd also been "messing around" with other guys. He was at Regions while the girl gave birth on April 3.

The girl, however, told police Recinos-Ramirez was the only man she'd slept with. She told police "she loved him and wanted to marry him," the Pioneer Press, citing the criminal complaint, reports. Though they haven't slept together since before Christmas, the girl told police she still thinks of Recinos-Ramirez as her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Regions officials have acknowledged that the remains of a second stillborn were mishandled and recently sent to the same laundromat, though they've been unable to track the remains down and have closed their investigation.

St. Paul PD spokesman Howie Padilla said police "have no reason to believe there was criminal activity connected to [the second] baby's death," according to a Star Tribune report.

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