MN for Marriage: "Don't let the metro area force gay 'marriage' on the rest of the state"

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Senator Schmit, D-Red Wing, is one of many outstate Dems who remain undecided about marriage equality.
Minnesota for Marriage is sending mailers like the one above to outstate areas asking people to contact their local legislators and urge them to vote no on marriage equality.

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Whatever you think about gay marriage, that strategy makes sense. After all, 74 of Minnesota's 87 counties supported the amendment that would've enshrined a same-sex marriage ban in the state's constitution, so support for marriage equality is clearly concentrated in the Twin Cities.

Strategy aside, the mailer's suggestion that gay couples somehow make worse parents than straight couples is dubious at best. Of course, Minnesota for Marriage has a history of twisting the facts to their advantage.

The Dibble-Clark marriage equality bill awaits a vote from the full House and Senate, but it's unclear whether it has enough support to pass. For instance, at a recent public event in southern Minnesota, Sen. Scott Newman, R-Hutchinson, said he doesn't think fiscally liberal but socially conservative Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk, D-Duluth, will even allow the bill to come up for a vote.

"In the Senate, they'd have to get past [Bakk] and I doubt they can do it," Newman said, according to the Hutchinson Leader.

Indeed, Bakk's recent on-the-record comments indicate that he, like many other outstate Democrats, is lukewarm at best about the prospect of legalizing gay marriage.

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