MNGOP blames DFL for wasteful spending approved by MNGOP

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Irony alert!
Yesterday, the MNGOP's official House caucus Twitter account wanted you to ponder this thought as you tried to stay warm while April snow fell outside: But there's a rather larger problem with that line of thinking -- the bill allocating taxpayer funds for artists' trips was approved by the MNGOP-controlled House as part of an omnibus budget bill that came before the legislature during a special session on July 19, 2011.

As detailed by Sally Jo Sorensen at her Bluestem Prairie blog, the 2011 omnibus budget bill appropriated more than $7.5 million to the state arts board. Almost $5 million of that total was dedicated to the board's grant program, and some of that has been spent on overseas artist trips meant to "enhance culture, education and provide economic development" in Minnesota.

The budget agreement that ended the state government shutdown was approved in the House with a 81-47 vote. Just three DFLers voted in favor of the bill.

So, yeah. That doesn't exactly serve as a shining example of #DFLWaste. In fact, depending on how you feel about spending taxpayer money on artist junkets, it's just the opposite.

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THIS is what the 87-41 vote was about:

Have we already forgotten about our budget fiasco? At the time, the problem was "WE NEED A FRIGGIN' BUDGET." I can almost guarantee that the $7.5M was a GOP concession to get a budget deal in place.

Excellent job walking the grey line on this story, CP.

Carl Bergstedt
Carl Bergstedt

Well when your party can't find facts to make them look good, What else do you do...

green23 topcommenter

@LookDeeper Wasn't the "budget fiasco" created by the MNGOP in the first place? 

Did you miss this? "Just three DFLers voted in favor of the bill." So, yeah, it's the Democrats' fault. Not the *84* Republicans who voted for it. 

The MNGOP swore that they could cut a billion from the budget and no one would even notice. When *their own constituents* "noticed", they ended up increasing the budget. That's what a Republican-controlled House and Senate got you. They had their chance to walk the walk, and they blew it. Instead, they passed two "sure-to-pass" Constitutional referendums  designed to drive Republican turnout in the last election. And, when those both failed, they blamed poor Republican turnout for the losses. 

It's stupid to hold either Party accountable for budget items in an omnibus bill. It's *especially* stupid, however, to hold the *minority* Party responsible. 

Do Republicans take *any* responsibility for *anything*? Please give me one example from the past four years. 

The Party went broke fighting the recount. Then Sutton blamed some small-time group (CTAP) and stuck *them* with the bill. When that failed, he blamed everyone in the world except himself. The rank-and-file didn't donate. The people who wanted to get paid were greedy. He was tricked into signing things, then he denied signing them. The auditors were mean to him. What a hero, huh?


@LookDeeper "I can almost guarantee that the $7.5M was a GOP concession to get a budget deal in place." And yet, even though THEY were ones who signed off on this expenditure, they are trying to blame the "other" side.

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