MNGOP Sen. Osmek misrepresents marriage equality bill while speaking to students

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Sen. David Osmek
When you don't have a good argument, you can always try making things up.
The presses have been alerted -- a politician has spoken untruthfully.

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This time, the culprit is first-term Sen. David Osmek, R-Mound, who either hasn't read the not-especially-long text of the marriage equality bill being considered by the legislature this session or isn't concerned to describe it accurately.

Here's what Osmek had to say about the bill during a talk he recently gave to a classroom of Glencoe-Silver Lake High School students (via the McLeod County Chronicle):
Osmek took office in January, so he hasn't had a lot of experience at the state level as yet, he told the students. But Osmek was still more than willing to field their questions about a variety of political issues, starting with gay marriage.

"To me, it's a First Amendment issue," said Osmek, referring to the separation of church and state.

If the state endorses gay marriage, Osmek fears, it may lead down a "slippery slope" to the state forcing churches to perform and recognize gay marriage, whether gay marriage is part of a church's theology or not.

"I'm afraid it will eventually inflict on religious institutions," said Osmek. "The pilgrims came here for religious freedom, and we need to respect that."

Osmek said that domestic partners are already given benefits by many businesses and corporations, and feels it best left to the private sector to create its own definition of domestic partnerships.
But as pointed out by Bluestem Prairie's Sally Jo Sorensen, the actual text of SF925 couldn't be clearer about giving religious organizations the freedom to determine who they marry. From the bill:

Nothing in this chapter prohibits any religious association, religious corporation, or religious society that is not organized for private profit, or any institution organized for educational purposes that is operated, supervised, or controlled by a religious association, religious corporation, or religious society that is not organized for private profit, from:

(1) limiting admission to or giving preference to persons of the same religion or denomination...

Refusal to solemnize; protection of religious doctrine.

Each religious organization, association, or society has exclusive control over its own theological doctrine, policy, teachings, and beliefs regarding who may marry within that faith. A licensed or ordained member of the clergy or other person authorized by section to solemnize a marriage is not subject to any fine, penalty, or civil liability for failing or8refusing to solemnize a marriage for any reason.
Consider it another example of the highly dubious logic often employed by gay marriage opponents.

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swmnguy topcommenter

These guys are simply ignorant, self-pitying bigots with a sense of entitlement so all-encompassing it boggles the mind.  They believe things that aren't true, and consider themselves persecuted whenever they have to encounter the notion that not everyone is just like them.  Never mind how they react when anyone tries to correct their misinformed martyr fantasies.

There's a specific developmental milestone these people can't pass.  Thankfully, my kids got past it about the time they were potty-trained.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

I'm shocked another Republican turns out to be stupid, a liar or both.

Adam Klugherz
Adam Klugherz

Seriously get tired of defending against that tired, refuted argument... this has nothing to do with churches... this is only regarding the legal status of gay couples... the government has never forced a church to do anything... in fact, there are still churches in the south that refuse to allow interracial couples get married...

David Gustafson
David Gustafson

In Rep. Osmek's defense, it's not like he's in the state legislature in order to make decisions or use good judgment or think or read or any of that boring stuff...


@Adam David Klugherz    Wrong! the government HAS forced the Catholic church to give employees free birth control,  which is foolishly against their teaching, and they have had to get out of the adoption business in states that require them to allow gays to adopt.


@Adam David Klugherz Doesn't even have to be interracial.  The point is, churches can refuse to to marry anyone they want for any reason.  Proof:

Funny he should mention the first amendment too, since the free exercise clause in the first amendment also grants churches this same protection on the federal level.  You'd think he'd know that, which either makes him and idiot or a liar.


@blacksheep Yes, Catholic Charities stopped its adoption services is some places. Only because most of their operating budgets came from state contracts. The truth is that Catholic Charities has been adopting to gay people for decades. They did so willingly. Or maybe just to keep their state funding and abide by state non-discrimination laws. Enter the gay marriage issue and the Church hierarchy tells them to suddenly abide by Church doctrine. Stop adopting to gays!!  BYE BYE STATE FUNDING.  It was purely to a political maneuver making a false argument and to lay the blame on gay marriage** Blame the Archbishop not gays.


@blacksheep which has jack shit to do with performing marriages.  

However, since you want to go there, yes, there is a balance between religious exemption (IE: how you practice your religion within the congregation) and labor laws (IE: how you treat your employees).  Significant exception has already been made to these organizations despite the fact that they repeatedly and blatantly violate the existing laws that provide them tax exemption.

If you want to nitpick, let's do it from both sides and see if we can't clear up the deficit in one fell swoop.

Drewey topcommenter

@blacksheep Wrong!  Some of the earlier proposals failed to exempt catholic affiliated institutions such as schools, hospitals, etc.  But never the church itself.  In his near infinite ability to compromise Obama has even exempted many of those institutions recently.  Still the zealots bitch and moan.

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