Mpls could get a foot of snow, but there will be no snow emergency [FORECAST IMAGE]

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Yup, that about sums it up.
Live in Minneapolis and find yourself fretting about where you'll stash your car during the latest (and hopefully last) assault by The Winter That Won't End? Don't worry about it.

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The official Minneapolis Snow Emergency Twitter account reported earlier this morning that "We can't declare a Snow Emergency after 4/1 (city ordinance) but crews will be out today, tonight and tomorrow treating/ clearing streets." St. Paul, however, isn't encumbered by a similar ordinance.

Snow emergency or no, Twin Cities snow plows might need to be roused from their spring hibernation. Up to a foot of snow could fall on the area between tonight and tomorrow morning, with the white stuff possibly falling as rapidly as two inches per hour, according to the National Weather Service.

If that isn't enough of a middle finger for you, consider that Friday's forecast also includes a possibility of snow. Seriously, winter, quit trolling us already!

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Mark Witte
Mark Witte

it won't snow but we still need more water.

MNjoe topcommenter

I drive for a living - this really sucks!

Justin A. Kwong
Justin A. Kwong

None. They've been putting off the start of the storm for 12 hours now. We will get exactly 0 inches of snow. All the hot air coming out of the weather forecasters will divert the storm right around us.


those new digital weather maps really tell the story..... is that what a snow bird is?


Snow storm in mid-April?  Must be because of global warming.  lol!

Sheepy T. Sheep
Sheepy T. Sheep

I guess it will be enough to annoy the crap out of me.

Bryan Aaker
Bryan Aaker

Not enough to warrant the ridiculous over-the-top reaction our news outfits seem to base their entire programs to. It's snow...this is Minnesota. Suck it up and calm the **** down.

CinBlueland topcommenter

@Justin A. Kwong  Want to retract that comment?


A foot of snow in mid April is wierd...chill out.


@barbertj23 Wow. You sure got your panties in a knot. "We are seeing a growing rise in unpredictable weather," huh?  Duh!  It's weather.  Hey, remember when all those hurricanes hit Florida a few years back?  Remember when "experts" told us that it would only get worse from then on out because of  "climate change?" Remember when the very next year, not a single hurricane hit Florida?  Remember that these very same "experts" then told us that the dearth of hurricanes hitting Florida was because of "climate change?"

Personally, I think it's hilarious that these "experts" think they can accurately tell where the weather was and is going based on a few dozens years of observations.  Pray tell, what is the "correct" temperature of the planet?  How do you know that's the "correct" temperature?  Perhaps the "correct" temperature is much higher and we're just headed back to it after a period of cooler temps?

Hey, speaking of cooler temps, remember in the 1970s when when climate "experts" were warning us that we were headed for a new "ice age?"  No, probably not.  For you, history began sometime in the 1980s or 1990s when "global warming" hysteria became the fad.  That didn't pan out, so these "experts" came up with the idiotic "climate change" moniker to cover their ignorant, foolish, and failed pontifications.  That way, whenever something doesn't fit their predictions, they can do what you did -- hand-wave it away with some vapid, meaningless excuse.

barbertj23 topcommenter

@jinxmchue @barbertj23 

I'm unsure of what you were expecting. How about:

Well Jinxmchue, it was never really "global Warming" that is a misinterpretation of a larger problem. The true issue is that we as a populace have, with a growing level of industrialization, affected the environment and seasons in unforeseen ways, causing what is more accurately referred to as "Global Climate Change". While warming has a direct and noticeable effect, green house gas emisions really cause general changes that are related to unpredictable weather. While this storm may specifically not be related, we are seeing a growing rise in unpredictable weather in direct relation to the amount we polute the environment.

So, I'm sorry I didn't say all that, I just figured after talking with enough people who are willing to write up "hurp derp global warming is a fraud" every time there is some form of weather. I figured it would just be easier to dumb it down for you.


"You're an idiot." or "You're a complete moron."

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