MSP worker allegedly stole $85,000 in valuables from checked luggage

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Vang allegedly pilfered bags for everything from iPads to guns.
A Delta contractor who worked at MSP has been charged with 11 felonies for allegedly stealing $85,000 worth of stuff from checked bags.

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David Vang, 23, did maintenance work on baggage belt systems, but he apparently augmented his income by heisting iPads, laptops, luxury watches, jewelry, fishing equipment, and guns from travelers.

Vang tried to cover his tracks by targeting bags on connecting flights only, Fox 9 reports.

MSP police became suspicious last fall when guns kept disappearing from the airport. They installed a security camera to try to get to the bottom of it and caught Vang in the act.

According to Fox 9, a raid of Vang's St. Paul apartment found 700 items stolen from bags, including 10 guns.

Vang's reign of terror over MSP travelers lasted from August through October.

Consider it another reason to cram the contents of that suitcase into a carry-on.

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