New NoDak TV news anchor's first two on-air words are "fuckin' shit!" [VIDEO]

aj Clemente rect.jpg
To say A.J.'s debut was inauspicious would be an understatement.
A.J. Clemente's career as an anchor for Bismarck's NBC affiliate KFYR might've literally ended as soon as it began.

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This because the first two words Clemente uttered during his first telecast as anchor yesterday evening were "fuckin' shit!"

A.J. acknowledged he was a little nervous in the hours leading up to his debut:

Then this happened:

After the trainwreck telecast was through, A.J. again took to Twitter to acknowledge the obvious: And sure enough, KFYR announced A.J.'s suspension before the evening was through:

nodak apology.jpg

But A.J. wants another crack at it:

keep aj.jpg

On the bright side, his TV career has nowhere to go but up!

:::: UPDATE ::::

Though it sounds like A.J. says "gay... fuckin' shit!" at the beginning of yesterday's fateful telecast, Clemente took to Twitter to clarify that he might be many things, but a homophobe isn't one of them.

:::: UPDATE II ::::

Sadly, KFYR has decided to let A.J. go.

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