New Prague school shooting hoaxer called cops "because he likes shiny lights and police officers"

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The hoaxer wasn't trying to terrorize people -- he just wanted to see police cars and officers, according to a defense attorney.
More details have emerged about the 12-year-old student who scared the bejesus out of Minnesota with a hoax call last month in which he reported that an AK-toting gunman had injured two people and was still on the loose in a New Prague middle school.

THE BACKSTORY: Report of shooting at New Prague Middle School turns out to be unfounded [UPDATES]

The student, who was later charged with a felony count of making terroristic threats, has special needs and wasn't capable of understanding the ramifications of his actions, according to a defense attorney.

The boy, who was adopted from Ukraine, "told police the reason he did it is because he likes bright, shiny lights and police officers," attorney Marsh Halberg said, according to a KARE report. He made the hoax 911 call from a school bathroom stall using a phone he had taken from his parents.

It remains unclear whether the boy's family will be on the hook to pay for the massive law enforcement response that followed the hoax call.

Yesterday, the boy's parents issued a public apology for the "inappropriate and thoughtless actions of our son." The boy also wrote a letter of apology.

"Can you please forgive me?" he wrote, according to the Star Tribune. "I promise I will never in my life do this again!"

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