Paparazzo faceplants while hounding Adrian Peterson about gay NFL players [VIDEO]

AP Tmz rect.jpg
AP's face right after being asked what race he thinks the first gay NFL player will be.
Yesterday, Adrian Peterson was walking around in D.C. when he was approached by a TMZ videographer.

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The TMZ guy was curious to ask AP about the race of the first NFL player to come out of the closet, of all things, and said: "Hey AP, in this day and time, the first person to come out of the closet in the NFL, do you think it'll be a white player or a black player?"

Peterson, visibly annoyed with the question, replied: "It could be a Hispanic, you know, it could be an Asian. You never know." He then gave the TMZ guy a little nod as if to say, Alright, buddy, now leave me alone.

The videographer wasn't done asking inane questions, but before he could blurt out a followup, he tripped and ate 10 different flavors of concrete. Here's the footage:

And yes, that's AP providing commentary with the "And down goes Frazier!" line. Perhaps he's already practicing up for a post-retirement TV career?

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