Primebar allegedly flooded former Calhoun Square location by plugging sink, running water

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Primebar's no-good-very-bad run in Calhoun Square makes Il Gatto look like a smashing success by comparison.
A lawsuit filed by the owner of Calhoun Square alleges that management of the recently failed Primebar location didn't pay rent almost from the day the bar and restaurant opened and intentionally damaged the property when it closed for good last month after just eight months in business.

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The lawsuit seeks more than $1 million in damages, including more than $250,000 in unpaid rent.

From Finance & Commerce (emphasis mine):
Primebar opened at Calhoun Square in July 2012. According to the lawsuit, the tenant was already falling behind on its rent by September. On Sept. 11, 2012, Calhoun Square management sent Primebar a notice of default for nearly $127,000 in unpaid rent and other charges. The lawsuit contends that staying current on rent was an ongoing issue for Primebar and details four checks from the tenant that were "returned for insufficient funds."

The lawsuit also charges that a week after Primebar ceased operations, security officers at Calhoun Square discovered that the space was flooded with standing water in the dining room. According to the complaint: "It was soon determined that the cause of the flooding was a sink in the restroom intentionally plugged with paper towels while the sink's faucet ran on full."
Primebar, which also has locations in Chicago, Dallas, and Wesley Chapel, Florida, was ultimately evicted from Calhoun Square, making it the second restaurant to close in recent years in the space that was the longtime home of Figlio before it was closed and born again as Il Gatto.

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