Stephanie Shields drowned her two kids before committing suicide, medical examiner says

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Stephanie Shields kids rect.jpg
Nolan, Stephanie, and Josephine
Yesterday, police confirmed that three people had been found dead in a Zimmerman home -- 35-year-old Stephanie Shields and her two children, 7-year-old Nolan and 6-year-old Josephine.

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Though authorities said no suspects were being sought, for about 24 hours it remained unclear what exactly had happened to the three. But this morning medical examiners released autopsy results. They said Stephanie drowned her two children before killing herself.

Shields's husband, National Guard member Sergeant 1st Class Mark Shields, reportedly moved out of the home on the 13300 block of Fifth Avenue South just last week.

A family member found the bodies of Stephanie and her children around 10 a.m. Easter morning. Both Nolan and Josephine were students at Zimmerman Elementary School.

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swmnguy topcommenter

This is a terribly sad story.  There are still a number of things we don't know; that haven't been reported and may never be.  What's been going on with this family for the past few years?  Why did the husband move out?  Where did he go?  Has he been gone, on deployment, for years?  Is there any established mental illness involved?

I'm not saying any of this is any of our business.  But without this sort of information, we can't really know what was going on or why this awful thing happened.

I have to admit, until yesterday's announcement, I suspected that the husband did it and had been or would be found dead himself.  That seems to be the typical arc of these disasters.

I hope that, if there are larger issues at play here than one family's devastating calamity, we hear abouth things we could maybe do something about for other families.  We need to do a better job identifying and treating mental illness; we need to stop using the National Guard overseas in lieu of Regular Army personnel; etc.

TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

The husband should have taken the kids when he walked out the door.

Johnny Cliche
Johnny Cliche

I just don't understand why you'd take your kids' lives rather than give them to their's sad that people feel the need to kill their kids...

Justin Slingsby
Justin Slingsby

Going to hug my son extra long tonight. Those poor kids..

Darin Back
Darin Back

She was a sick and depressed lady, and punching her in the face wouldn't do much better.

Keith Kowalzek
Keith Kowalzek

Kinda makes you wish you could have punched her in the face before she did that to them kids.

Kelly Cheeley Fitch
Kelly Cheeley Fitch

Oh no. Yesterday this story was such a mystery to me, as I couldn't figure out how there were no suspects in the case. I didn't begin to think that the mother could have done it.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@TheConservativeJerk Good advice dumbfuck.  Like you have any idea what happened.  You have no idea what this man is going through.   Just fuck off you troll loser.  Why are Republican dickholes like you so eager to humiliate an American solider going through a tragedy?


@Keith Kowalzek Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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