Surprise! Michele Bachmann's attorney blames media for Iowa ethics scandal

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You'll have a hard time finding a less accountable elected official than Michele Bachmann.
As scandal after scandal after scandal comes to light in connection with Michele Bachmann's ill-fated presidential run, we wondered how Michele would find a way to blame the series of self-created messes on Democrats.

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Apparently she's opting for a slightly different but related tactic this time around -- blaming the media.

You see, it's all our fault that Michele's ignorance of Iowa ethics rules has one of her former staffers in hot water. Sure, Bachmann may have personally approved rule-violating payments to a sitting Iowa Senator that were funneled through a Colorado shell company, but according to Bachmann's attorney, all that matters is that Michele herself isn't in trouble.

Bachmann's attorney, William McGinley, told KARE 11 the media coverage of the ethics scandal is "wrong, reckless, and outrageous."

"This dispute is between the Iowa Senate and an Iowa senator. It has nothing whatsoever to do with congresswoman Bachmann or her political committees," McGinley said. "For anyone to suggest otherwise is both dishonest and reprehensible."

So Michele's former chief of staff and longtime buddy Andy Parrish is dishonest and reprehensible, then? Because according to his sworn-upon-oath testimony, the buck stopped with Bachmann.

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green23 topcommenter

Wait until McGinley tries to collect his legal fees from Bachmann. Watch him run to the media then. Do none of the Bachmann supporters understand that all of these scandals are being pushed by Bachmann's own former staff? Bachmann refused to pay them for work that they had done. So, obviously, it's the media's fault, right?

Lori Lynn Christiansen
Lori Lynn Christiansen

Malware, not going there. But I agree with Michael J Fischer. God this woman is more embarrassing to Minnesota than Sarah Palin is to Alaska. And I have lived both places.

Michael J. Fischer
Michael J. Fischer

Anything reporting on Bachmann represents malware, from my perspective.

Lolly Slade
Lolly Slade

all your CP links appear to be blocked.

Sandra Fredine
Sandra Fredine

I wouldn't insult a bird with her brain. The only thing that could live up there are dung beetles.

Shawn Clark
Shawn Clark

if it acts like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck. But she more like a bird brain idiot


@Shawn Clark Hey, no need to make fun of birds here.

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