Target apologizes for labeling plus-size dress as "Manatee Gray" [IMAGE]

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UPDATE: Target has also gotten into trouble over their excessive use of photoshop to create thigh gaps (an issue which was not addressed, but completely scrubbed from the Target website) and to lengthen a model's arms to ridiculous proportions.

Target was criticized for naming the color of a plus-size dress after this oval-shaped fella.
On Tuesday, the color of a Mossimo dress for sale on Target's website was labeled as "Manatee Gray."

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But the exact same color of that dress's non-plus-size version was labeled as "Dark Heather Gray." Oops!

Here's the tweet that alerted the media about the color snafu: Target spokesman Joshua Thomas told Forbes that "Manatee Gray" is a common color for clothes carried by the retailer. Some of clothes labeled with that color come in petite sizes, indicating that there was no maliciousness involved in the ad for the plus-size Mossimo dress.

Two different teams of buyers were responsible for the regular-size and plus-size versions of the Mossimo dress, and in this case they apparently didn't coordinate their color labeling, Thomas explained.

"We apologize for any discomfort this might have caused and are working to update the name of the dress to reflect Dark Heather Gray," Thomas told Forbes. "This was an unfortunate oversight and we'll take it into consideration moving forward."

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