Teisha Randle was partying in celebration of her pregnancy the night she killed Augsburg student

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Austin Conley (left); Teisha Randle (right)
The night she killed Conley, Randle was drinking, on Percocets, and had taken Robitussin in celebration of her pregnancy.
In court yesterday, Teisha Randle gave a troubling explanation for why she was drunk and high the night she got behind the wheel and ended up killing 20-year-old Augsburg student Austin Conley while weaving through traffic and speeding down First Avenue in the Warehouse District: She was celebrating her new pregnancy.

THE BACKSTORY: Teisha Randle was downing straight vodka night she ran over Augsburg student, charges say

But after killing Conley, she said, she was so distraught that she decided to have an abortion.

"She feels she can't bring a life into this world knowing she's taken one," said Randle's defense attorney, Carolina Lamas, according to a Pioneer Press report.

Randle, 27, was in court to plead guilty to two counts of criminal vehicular homicide. She'll return later this month for sentencing. Prosecutors want her to be sentenced to four years behind bars; her attorney wants three.

On October 27, Randle was at a friend's birthday party at the Imperial Room before she struck Conley twice around 2:45 a.m. The first impact knocked him into the air, while the second resulted in him being dragged by her car. He later died of his injuries at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Though Randle drove away from the scene of the crime, she was arrested the next day. Witnesses later came forward to say they saw her drinking vodka straight from the bottle before she and the rest of her party headed to downtown Minneapolis. Other witnesses said Randle was walking unsteadily before she got behind the wheel, so much so that her friends asked her whether she was sober enough to drive.

In addition to booze, Randle admitted yesterday she'd also taken four Percocets and "some Robitussin with codeine for a cough" before deciding to drive, according to the PiPress. And all of that in celebration of her new pregnancy.

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