Twin Citians feel safer than residents of any other metro

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Enjoy solo late-night strolls? You've come to the right city.
A new Gallup Wellbeing study finds that Twin Cities residents feel safer walking alone at night than residents of any other large metro.

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Throughout 2012, Gallup called residents of the nation's 50 largest metros and asked them whether they "feel safe walking alone at night in the city or area where you live?" Eighty percent of MSPers said they do feel safe. The second most safe-feeling city was Denver, with 78 percent of folks they aren't worried about anything going amiss when out and on foot at night.

After Minneapolis and Denver, the next four safest-feeling metros were Raleigh, Boston, Salt Lake City, and Austin, respectively. The least safe-feeling metros were Memphis, New Orleans, Riverside, Houston, and Jacksonville, respectively.

Gallup notes that in general, cities where people report feeling the saftest have relatively low crime rates. Unfortunately, the FBI didn't estimate a a violent crime rate for Minneapolis last year (partly due to the quirky way Minneapolis officials define certain categories of violent crime), but the metro where residents reported feeling the least safe (Memphis, at 55 percent) had "by far the highest violent crime rate among the 50 largest MSAs for which data were available."

Though the percentage of Twin Cities residents reporting they feel safe walking alone at night slightly increased last year in comparison with 2011 (that year, with 79 percent of residents saying they feel safe, we tied with Boston for the top spot), violent crime in Minneapolis actually ticked up slightly in 2012. Of course, as Gallup notes, "Metropolitan Statistical Areas include both a central city and suburban areas, and certainly residents in parts of lower-ranked metro areas may feel very safe, while those in certain parts of other highly ranked metro areas may feel very unsafe."

In other words, you should probably still think twice before popping in those earbuds for a solo midnight stroll through Stevens Square.

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Aimlow - I take it you don't live in Minneapolis.


Considering we have the highest % of population that lives in the suburbs of any top 50 city / top 15 metros I guess this makes sense? 90% suburban pop vs. 10% urban. Glad the people in the burbs "feel" safe. 

Dee Finkelson
Dee Finkelson

dwtn Mpls/St Paul/anywhere at nite walking alone? No thx. Im a 5'5" petite woman, my glock is an equalizer if someone's trying to rob/rape me. Im an ID addict ( investigation discovery). Kidnap/rob/rape happened in split seconds at anytime ( daylight/night time) when we let our guard down. Just sayin....


What a meaningless survey. Take a walk around any minneapolis neighborhood at midnight and see how safe you feel. 

TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

Key word is "feels"

What do the stats say for crime rate per capita?  (rapes, muggings, robberies, thefts)

The feels thing can come with quality brainwashing or adapting your behavior.

Aaron, are you trying to perpetuate the prevalent societital duhhhh?

Jim Creston Poet
Jim Creston Poet

I've noticed the downtown area is very safe. I attribute this to there being a lot of cameras, but also to the charities in Minneapolis. The downtown area is very networked with food kitchens and free clothing for those in need. When you have a city of people who give so much, the poor aren't as angry and desperate as in other cities. Minnesota Health Care Programs for the poor also contribute to helping the poor maintain mental and physical health. The weather sucks, but most everything else is good.



That’s a bit deceiving.We also have geographically the smallest cities of most in the country.Minneapolis is only 55 square miles, compared to say Houston, which is 600 square miles! To put that into context, Houston has a land area which is 4 square miles more than Hennepin County.

While we’re on the subject of suburbs – I feel way safer walking around Minneapolis at night than I do in either of the Brooklyns or Anoka/Coon Rapids.

Drewey topcommenter

@TheConservativeJerk Stupid and are a cliche and you don't even realize it.  You literally prove the lefts point about the new republican party.  In fact you do it so well that you must be working for them, it's the only logical conclusion.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Leave it to stupid kirk to miss the point.  You and people like you are cowards kirk.  Smart people change their beliefs when they learn new facts or see new evidence.  Stupid cowards like you stick their head in the sand.  You will keep believing whatever you want about the Twin Cities because that is what stupid bigots do but we all know you are wrong.  We know you want to believe the Twin Cities is a crime ridden hell hole so facts be damned.  Stupidity like that is why the Republicans have become a joke. 


@Jim Creston Poet It's not the "poor" causing trouble downtown.  It's douchebags.


@SamMpls I completely agree. I'd rather be walking alone down Lake St. at 2 am than on Brooklyn Blvd. or Coon Rapids Blvd. at that same time of night. Other areas that used to be safe and now have turned nasty are Columbia Heights and Fridley. 


@SamMpls Sure. Houston is huge. I think our city has major issues because of the 90/10 split. Minneapolis is really just a playground for the 'burbs. I love how downtown is perfectly manicured all winter compared to how Hiawatha/Lake shopping center (where a lot of mpls residents shop) doesn't have shoveled sidewalks or handicap ramps. 

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