Twins have fourth-highest beer price in baseball

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We're not exactly breaking news by telling you beer is expensive at Target Field, but at most other parks buying some Buds would cost you less.
The Twins keep slicing their payroll. On Tuesday, the organization drew tons of heat after unveiling a plan that would've charged fans $15 to watch batting practice. (They scrapped the idea later that day!) And after an ugly three-game sweep in Kansas City, the team's record is back in familiar territory -- under .500.

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Put it all together and the Twinks could really use some positive publicity. Unfortunately, you won't find it in this blog post.

That's because a study by The Street finds that Target Field's cheapest beer price is the fourth highest in all of baseball.

From the study:
4. Minnesota Twins
Price of a small draft beer:

You have to admire the chutzpah. This is a team that has finished dead last in the American League Central Division for the past two years after being a perennial playoff contender. Its relatively new home at Target (TGT) Field has known little else but misery since the team was swept out of the only playoff series the building hosted during its inaugural season in 2010. Now you're jacking up the price of a beer by 50 cents? Granted, the smallest size is still 20 ounces, but that hurts.
Across baseball as a whole, the average small beer price has gone up from $5.81 in 2011 to $6.12 this year. As The Street explains, the highest price two years ago was $7.25 at Fenway Park in Boston. That's a relative value this year, as five teams exceed that mark, with two parks even hitting $8 for a small cold one.

At this rate, you'll soon need to take out a payday loan just to buy a damn Summit while watching the Twins lose in the snow.

If you're curious, here's the list of the 10 teams with the most expensive beers, along with the price of a small glass.

10. San Francisco Giants ($6.75)
9. St. Louis Cardinals ($6.75)
8. Atlanta Braves ($7.25)
7. Chicago Cubs ($7.25)
6. Boston Red Sox ($7.25)
5. Toronto Blue Jays ($7.34)
4. Twinks ($7.50)
3. Philadelphia Phillies ($7.75)
2. Miami Marlins ($8)
1. Washington Nationals ($8.25)

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And honestly, $6.75 in SF ain't that bad.  Adjusted for cost of living, it'd be less than $5. in MPLS.

Eric Ltmr Mueller
Eric Ltmr Mueller

So what are they going to do that. Somethings is great to be within the top 5. This isn't one of them!

Mark Hustedde
Mark Hustedde

in case you didn't understand the sarcasm above

k2yeb topcommenter

No surprise here from an owner that wants to charge for batting practice.  Seems to me that it would be pretty easy to sneak your own booze/beer into the ballpark.

Scott Stansbarger
Scott Stansbarger

Now it all makes sense! Let’s connect the dots…The Twins front office charges extra $$ for beer…Twins fans, such as myself, know that we have to drink lots of beer while watching a Twins game as a way to numb ourselves from the spectacle that is a Twins game. Hmm. The Twins organization fields a single A team as a way to earn more money from our pain. It’s all coming together.

Mark Hustedde
Mark Hustedde

that sounds rough... a whole extra 50 cents.

Deena Graf
Deena Graf

And won't do anything about it. Oh wait, if you're a season ticket holder you get 10% off! WOW! I can go on vacation now. :(

Jamie Larson
Jamie Larson

good thing Fulton Beer is next door! Skip the high priced big brews.


@Jamie Larson Damn straight, although I'm planning on going to a game this year just to try a Surly Bandwagon

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