Vikings didn't draft dude with the fake girlfriend, but here's who they ended up with

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Purple was the hottest color during the NFL draft's first round.
The Vikings need a middle linebacker and GM Rick Spielman loves players from Notre Dame, so the hot speculation heading into last night's NFL draft was that the Vikings would select Manti T'eo, the star college football player better known as the dude with the fake girlfriend.

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For better or worse, but the Vikings elected to pass on Manti and his imaginary lovers. They still found a way to make a big splash, however.

Thanks to a trade in which the Vikes packaged their second-, third-, fourth-, and seventh-round picks in exchange for New England's first-round pick, the Purple became the first team in more than a decade to make three first-round selections (they had two first-round picks at the beginning of the night, one from the Percy Harvin trade). And they used them to address needs at cornerback, defensive tackle, and wide receiver.

Here, via ESPN, is a breakdown of each of the three players the Vikings selected last night:

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Aside from those picks, the Vikings also excited fans during their Metrodome draft party by formally unveiling the new uniforms we told you about earlier this week.

Thanks to the trade in which they acquired the pick that would become Patterson, the Vikings don't have another selection until the fourth round, which won't happen until Saturday. We selfishly hope they find a way to package their remaining selections in a trade and move into position to select the still-available Teo. On-field reasons aside, that'd just be a lot of fun.

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