Vikings' "Love Boat" lives on as family-friendly Iowa cruise ship

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You can still take a cruise on the same ship where Bryant McKinnie was infamously fellated by four women.
The Minnetonka Queen no longer features Fred Smoot and his double-headed dildo, but nearly eight years after the Vikings made it famous thanks to an infamous in-season outing on Lake Minnetonka, the vessel lives on as a cruise ship.

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In Iowa.

The 1994 Skipperliner was recently purchased by Okoboji-area marina operator Butch Parks and rechristened as Scandalous. Parks won't say what he paid for it, but according to the Des Moines Register, boats of that sort typically go for about $100,000.

Parks, believe it or not, says he was unaware of his new boat's colorful history when he started negotiating to purchase it. But after being filled in on the backstory by the LaCrosse, Wisconsin-based seller, Parks told the Register he now plans to commemorate the Vikings' prostitute-laden cruise by planting a Purple jersey onboard.

It's something to keep in mind next time you're looking to take a cruise, hit your head really hard, and end up booking one in Iowa, of all places.

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