Vikings unveil new jersey color scheme [IMAGE]

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vikes unis rect.jpeg
The Vikes are changing their jerseys, and the word on the street is the new design will be more McMahon (left) than Peterson -- minus the shorts, of course.
In December, we asked whether you thought the Vikings should change their uniforms. The vast majority of you agreed that they should, and apparently, the team listened.

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The Vikes are set to unveil their new look at a draft party on April 25, but in the meantime, they've been leaking tantalizing bits and pieces on the team's website.

Today, they unveiled the new color scheme of the Vikings logo that'll sit between the numbers and the collar on the home jerseys. Here it is (click to enlarge):

vikings new colors.jpg

The team previously released a photo of the new collars:

vikings new collar.jpeg

It's hard to draw conclusions from these snippets, but let's face it: Almost anything would be an improvement over the atrocious clown suits the Vikes have been wearing for the past seven years.

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