Minnesota freaks out about Winter Storm Walda: Your photos and tweets

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Snow, snow, go away. Come again some other... season.
Seriously? Just when we'd let our guard down and thought more 50-degree days were on the horizon, Winter Storm Walda slams us with more of this wintry white stuff.

Even if you haven't ventured out into the winter wasteland wonderland, no doubt you've heard about the icicles and slush. Chances are, if you were awake early enough, you even heard some thundersnow this morning, too. Yeah, that's right, THUNDERSNOW.

While this isn't the April we've been waiting for all season, you betcha we Minnesnowtans can laugh off an extra foot of snow (after some good ol' passive aggressive wisecracks to Mother Nature)... so we've gathered some of our favorite photos and tweets about the winter that just won't go away.

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We can't get over this thundersnow nonsense, Mother Nature.

Poor powder panda.

Neon is definitely in this spring winter!

Could this be Walda's fault, too?

Courtesy of Richard R.
This robin perched on a snow-covered tree in New Ulm is exactly the kind of lovely sight we like... in February.

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