Woman who allegedly sent Billy Joel's daughter threatening emails found naked in MN woods

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Finley's messages to Alexa Ray Joel attracted the attention of Billy Joel and Paul McCartney.
Sheryl Finley allegedly sent Billy Joel's daughter, 27-year-old Alexa Ray Joel, more than 60 Facebook messages threatening "pedophilia, sadistic-sexual behavior, violent physical assaults and murder," court records allege. And the story just gets weirder from there.

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Finley, 40, was reportedly arrested naked in the woods in Austin, Minnesota. In January.

According to the New York Post, Finley's messages terrified Joel so much that she refused to leave her Manhattan home. More from the Post:
[Billy Joel] hired a bodyguard to protect his daughter and contacted [Paul] McCartney, who recommended a Europe-based private-security firm not bound by the same legal restrictions as the police, [Post] sources said.

McCartney's people found the stalker in Austin, Minn.

She weirdly told law enforcement that the rape and murder she allegedly threatened in the messages were not things she wanted to do "during this life," according to court records.

Finley, who spent a few months in a mental institution in 2010, remained hopeful that Alexa Ray would not "object to meeting with her."
In January, an Austin TV report said Finley used an alias and computers at Riverland Community College when contacting Joel (Joel isn't mentioned by name in the KAAL report).

Finley was charged with felony stalking. She posted bail and was released from custody following her January arrest.

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