World War II bomb found in Lyn-Lake

Not a picture of the actual mortar found in Minneapolis
A World War II-vintage Japanese mortar (right) was found in a Lyn-Lake wall, of all places.
Barack Obama is worried about guns on Minneapolis streets, but maybe he should be concerned about bombs, too.

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When they took down a wall as part of a renovation project, homeowners near West Lake Street and Aldrich Avenue South thankfully didn't get a blast from the past, though they were in for a huge surprise.

According to KSTP, a World War II-era Japanese mortar was found in the wall of the home. The homeowners initially packed the mortar in their car and planned on moving it, but they thought better of it and called Minneapolis police. A bomb squad was dispatched to the home and the surrounding area was blocked off for more than an hour yesterday.

It's unclear how the mortar got into the wall in the first place.

The squad's analysis determined the mortar casing contained no explosive material, so thankfully there was never any chance of the latest World War II casualties occurring in the City of Lakes.

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