A.J. Clemente, news anchor of "fuckin' shit" fame, finds another line of work

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Unfortunately, A.J.'s lone Evening Report clip isn't one he'll want to share with possible future employers.
A.J. Clemente is learning the hard way that it's tough to find a job in journalism these days, especially when the first two words of your TV career are "fuckin' shit."

THE BACKSTORY: New NoDak TV news anchor's first two on-air words are "fuckin' shit!" [VIDEO]

But don't expect to see Clemente in your local breadline. Though his dream of working at ESPN hasn't (yet) come to fruition, Clemente has found work as a bartender at a seaside spot called the Table and Taproom in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

"This is what I'm doing for now -- I definitely need to make money for bills," Clemente, 24, told Rumor Fix.

He's making $2.23 an hour plus tips. You could make a lot more living in the Twin Cities and working at the Happy Gnome, A.J. -- Minnesota is one of only seven states that allows servers and bartenders to earn the full minimum wage and keep their tips too.

On the positive side, we'd much rather spend our summer pouring drinks within eyeshot of the Atlantic than up in Bismarck, NoDak.

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