Argument at Buffalo Wild Wings led to Reynold Pratt allegedly brandishing knife at bar

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Reynold Pratt
One unfortunate patron got a whole lot more than wings, beer, and sports during a recent trip to Buffalo Wild Wings.

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On Monday, Reynold Pratt's attempts to chat up the man sitting next to him at the bar in B-Dubs' West St. Paul location were rebuffed, and if law enforcement's account of what happened can be believed, Pratt was murderously unhappy about it.

After Pratt's would-be interlocutor told him he was "chilling" with his co-workers and had no interest in conversing with him, Pratt, a 40-year-old South St. Paul resident, allegedly went into full-fledged racist mode and insulted the man with a string of racial slurs.

The man then "got in Pratt's face and told him to stop disrespecting him," the criminal complaint says, according to a Pioneer Press report. But instead of backing down, the surveillance footage shows Pratt, knife in hand, walking toward the man.

The man and his friends left, and police were called to the scene. They found Pratt still sitting at the bar with his knife and a beer next to him.

"Am I in trouble since I pulled a knife on that guy?" he asked officers, the PiPress reports.

The answer to his question was yes. Pratt's been charged with a felony count of making terroristic threats. He's currently free after posting $5,000 bail.

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