Bachmann looks extra creepy while attributing Benghazi, 9/11 to God's "hand of judgment" [VIDEO]

Bachmann believes God played a role in the death of innocent Americans. Sounds like grounds for a drone attack on heaven to us.
America may have reached Peak Bachmann during her speech last week at a religious event in the Capitol's National Statuary Hall.

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First, she attributed both 9/11 and Benghazi to God's "hand of judgment." Then, with her hands dramatically gesticulating, she urged everyone in attendance to "humble ourselves and pray to an almighty God."

We suppose prayer is an easier way to try to solve foreign policy problems than actually, you know, putting the Bible down and reading secular intelligence reports or something along those lines.

Here's a transcript of part of Bachmann's speech during the "Washington: A Man of Prayer" event (via the New Civil Rights Movement), followed by the raw video:
"It's no secret that our nation may very well be experiencing the hand of judgment. It's no secret that we all are concerned that our nation may be in a time of decline. If that is in fact so, what is the answer?

"The answer is what we are doing here today: humbling ourselves before an almighty God, crying out to an almighty God, saying not of ourselves but you, would you save us oh God? We repent of our sins, we turn away from them, we seek you, we seek your ways. That's something that we're doing today, that we did on the National Day of Prayer, it's something that we have chosen to do as well on another landmark day later this year on September 11.

"Our nation has seen judgment not once but twice on September 11. That's why we're going to have '9/11 Pray' on that day. Is there anything better that we can do on that day rather than to humble ourselves and to pray to an almighty God?"

If Jim Graves ends up taking her congressional seat next year, it certainly seems as though Bachmann has a bright future as a megachurch pastor, doesn't it?

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