Bloomington man injured after falling into 8-foot sinkhole [IMAGE]

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One minute, he was walking his dogs; the next, the ground gave way and he found himself in this.
As if we all don't already have enough things to worry about already, here's another.

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A 65-year-old Bloomington man was hospitalized after he fell in an 8- to 9-foot-deep sinkhole near 102nd Street West and Scarborough Road yesterday morning.

According to the Pioneer Press, the 65-year-old sinkhole victim, whose identity hasn't been released, was walking his dogs just before 9 in the morning when the ground between a sidewalk and manhole cover gave way. He ended up with undisclosed injuries to his face and shoulder. Police say there's no indication that any soil around the sinkhole is at risk of collapsing.

Via KSTP, here's a video of the sinkhole:

A National Geographic sinkhole primer published in March points out that areas with limestone terrain -- like parts of southeastern Minnesota -- are particularly prone to sinkholes. But in general, they're a rare event in Minnesota. In fact, according to CNN, two-thirds of all sinkhole-related insurance claims are made in central Florida.

So maybe you shouldn't worry about sinkholes too much. But man, how much would it suck to find yourself suddenly free-falling into Earth's dark recesses?

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