Bucky Rogers, alleged Minnesota terrorist, is a juggalo [PHOTOS]

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Rogers and his juggalo friends on Facebook
We're not exactly dealing with the likes of al Qaeda here...
Bucky Rogers, the 24-year-old Montevideo resident accused of plotting a terrorist attack by the FBI, really hates the federal government. On the other hand, he loves the Insane Clown Posse.

THE BACKSTORY: FBI says it disrupted Minnesota terror plot [MUGSHOT]

Rogers's Facebook profile reveals a young man who is murderously fed up with the feds for incoherent reasons. Indeed, neighbors say he flew the U.S. flag upside-down outside his mobile home, and one neighbor told the Star Tribune that Bucky "talked about white supremacist stuff."

A manager of a convenience store near Rogers's mobile home park told the Strib that when he first met Bucky, "He pulled a 9-millimeter [handgun] out of his pocket. I thought, 'This isn't a guy I want to know.'"

Rogers reportedly displayed two signs outside his mobile home. One said "BSM," an acronym for Black Snake Militia. Bucky and his dad, Jeff Rogers, founded the local branch of the group, Montevideo police say.

The other sign said "No more I.F.R.D. We are not slaves." As Fox 9 puts it, that sign appears to be "a misarranged reference to false Internet rumors the Affordable Care Act would require radio frequency identification (RFID) chips in U.S. citizens."

Rogers, a construction worker, appeared in federal court yesterday and is currently being held without bail pending a hearing scheduled for tomorrow. Investigators say (surprise!) they don't believe there was any foreign involvement in Rogers's alleged terror plot. He's yet to be charged with any terrorism-related crimes, and his father denies his son had any intent to carry out a violent attack.

"We are peaceful people," Jeff Rogers told Fox. "We're not out to blow up the world -- none of this crap."

But Bucky's Facebook presence is anything but peaceful. For some highlights from his profile   -- including evidence he's a juggalo, of all things -- click to page two.

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