Chris Kluwe counters Onion jab with satirical Twitter rant

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We're not sure who Raptor Jesus is, but we'd prefer our mothers' nipple hair remains intact.
The Onion didn't waste any time this week in ribbing Chris Kluwe. Only a day after the Vikings announced they were dropping their punter, the sports sections of the comedic newspaper published an article satirizing Kluwe's writings as an advocate for equality in sports.

In the article, Onion-world Kluwe is now crusading for the rights of cut punters, and has authored an impassioned op/ed on the subject, "noting that such rejected special teams personnel routinely face discrimination from football organizations that won't allow them into the locker room, don't invite them to practices, and refuse to sign them to contract extensions."

Chris Kluwe: "I wouldn't have changed anything"
Cover: Chris Kluwe takes a stand

Kluwe being Kluwe, he quickly responded by writing his own version of a satirical article about himself in a series of tweets. In case you missed, here it is from the beginning.

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