Dan Gladden trolls Atlanta Braves fans with Kent Hrbek jersey [PHOTO] [VIDEO]

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This play has even been immortalized with its own bobblehead.
Today, the Twins wrap up their first series in Atlanta since 1991, when Kirby and the crew took down the Braves in one of the most exciting World Series of all time. (Apparently, at one point in time, Minnesota sports fans could really have nice things.)

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Of course, Twins radio announcer Dan Gladden was one of the key players on that Twins team, and he isn't about to let Braves fans forget the most controversial play of the '91 series -- Kent Hrbek's infamous tag on Ron Gant during Game 2.

For those of you who are either too young to remember that glorious play or could use a refresher, here's the video:

Twenty-two years later, Gladden paid tribute to Hrbek and his tag on Gant by proudly displaying this jersey outside the broadcasting booth during this week's series: Yours truly was actually in attendance at the Metrodome in '91 for the Twins' 3-2 Game 2 victory. (Thanks again, pops -- best birthday surprise ever.) And as someone who witnessed the play unfold in real time with his own eyes, there's no doubt in my mind Gant's momentum carried him off the base. In fact, he's lucky Herbie was there to break his fall before he crashed onto the Dome's unforgiving turf.

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Sean Foster
Sean Foster

Why do you think the Twins will be back in the World Series?


Ha! I remember that play and series. The word "epic" doesn't do that series justice. And yes, Ron Gant WAS out of control, but Hrbek DID "help" him a bit.

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