David Roe allegedly stalked and harassed ex-girlfriend [POLICE REPORT]

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Roe (left) killed himself in the parking lot of the Eden Prairie police headquarters last Thursday as he arrived to be interviewed about his girlfriend's disappearance.
The brother of Mandy Matula, the missing 24-year-old Eden Prairie resident who vanished a week ago tonight, says her ex-boyfriend, David Roe, was never violent toward Mandy or gave any indication he was capable of hurting her.

THE BACKSTORY: Mandy Matula's brother says David Roe left farewell video, recently bought a gun

But a 2007 incident involving another of Roe's girlfriends suggests that if he is indeed responsible for Matula's disappearance, it wouldn't be the first time he acted out violently against an estranged lover.

A report prepared by the Eden Prairie Police Department details the chain of events that led to Roe being ordered to immediately cease contacting his ex or face criminal prosecution. Here it is:

But in a Facebook post published early this morning, Steven Matula, Mandy's brother, writes that Roe's friends "knew nothing of [D]ave doing such a thing" [that is, being violent toward Mandy] and "did not even think he would be the type of person to do such an act." Steven adds that Matula left her phone and purse in her parents' house before hopping in Dave's car last Wednesday night because "To [M]andy, this was just another typical fight that they always got into."

In his post, Steven goes on to say that Dave and Mandy "were mad at eachother" [sic] at the time Dave came to pick her up but that their feelings were the "normal" ones you'd expect "when you're in a fight."

One other interesting tidbit from Steven Matula's post concerns a phone conversation he says occurred between Roe and an acquaintance around 1:30 Thursday morning. According to Matula, Roe told the acquaintance he'd last seen Matula "walking home" and added that she'd ended their argument by telling Roe to "leave her alone."

Roe's checkered past is reminiscent of three other recent local murder cases where men (or boys) with histories of violent actions or making violent threats have later been accused of murdering their lovers (or in one case, his kids in order to get back at his ex-wife) -- Anthony Mitchell, Steven Johnson, and Aaron Schaffhausen.

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