Erik Paulsen deletes tweet that says Sergio Garcia "sucks"

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Paulsen: Not a Sergio Garcia fan.
Think hitting the delete button removes that regretted-it-as-soon-as-I-published-it tweet from the internet fossil record? Think again.

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It's a lesson Congressman Erik Paulsen is learning the hard way today as a tweet he deleted seconds after publication circulates around the internet.

Thankfully for Paulsen, the tweet in question really wasn't that offensive in the first place. Here it is: The "Sergio sucks" line came in response to Sergio Garcia's collapse at last weekend's Players Championship tournament. A day after Sergio and Tiger Woods engaged in a humorously heated war of woods, Lindsey Vonn's boy toy stormed past an imploding Garcia to win the tournament.

Ironically, Paulsen's tweet probably would've attracted less attention had he not deleted it. After all, it's nowhere near as bad as Keith Ellison (or whichever staffer was at the helm of his Twitter account at the time) tweeting that there's "Nothing like [a] coke addicted James Brown" to close out last year's RNC.

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Tim Charest
Tim Charest

More much ado about nuthin CP. jeesh!

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

This is the most boring controversy ever.  Erik Paulsen is a boring boring boring person to think that needed to be deleted.  

Tony LaLonde
Tony LaLonde

Wow...this is really worth talking about?

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