FBI says it disrupted Minnesota terror plot [MUGSHOT]

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Buford Rogers was planning some sort of terror attack in Montevideo, the FBI alleges.
:::: UPDATE :::: Bucky Rogers, alleged Minnesota terrorist, is a juggalo [PHOTOS]

Buford Rogers, a 24-year-old Montevideo resident, was arrested last Friday after a search of his mobile home park residence turned up Molotov cocktails, suspected pipe bombs, and guns.

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Today, the FBI said Rogers was up to more than just hoarding weapons. Feds say his intention was actually to use his stockpile for a terror attack.

According to a news release distributed by the FBI, the "lives of several local residents were potentially saved" by Rogers's arrest.

Along the same lines, Kyle Loven, chief division counsel with the FBI in Minneapolis, told the Pioneer Press, "The information which we had led us to believe that a terror attack was planned. But with respect to this terror plot, we no longer believe the public is in danger."

Rogers has a previous felony conviction for burglary and hence is not allowed to have guns. He's been charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

At this point, it's unclear why the feds first became suspicious of Rogers and what evidence has led them to believe he was plotting an act of terrorism. Nor is it clear exactly what sort of attack he planned to carry out.

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Why is this guy considered a terrorist and not the Boston Marathon bombers?

MNjoe topcommenter

The Wisconsin folks are laughing at us again,,,

Jim Creston Poet
Jim Creston Poet

I'm guessing FOX News TV won't cover this since he's white and Murican.

green23 topcommenter

Montevideo PD is saying that Rogers belongs to something called the "Black Snake Militia". 

Since that makes him look like a crazy wingnut, we should expect the wingnuts to start screaming that he's 'obviously' a "liberal" really soon now. 

There's no way that we are ever going to see conservatives admit that all of their talk of insurrection could possibly inspire some to take up arms against the government.

Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole

Good job FBI but we sure do live in a pretty screwed up country..


@Jim Creston Poet No, they'll just label him "mentally disturbed".  Terrorism is for brown people.

mingtran topcommenter

Just like libtards will never admit that more governmental/corporate control over one's life always results in a negative (look at that poor family's fiasco in CA, will that happen more or less under Obamacare?) There is a flipside to everything, you are far too aloof to understand balance.


@green23 So are you saying that he should be held as an enemy combatant? 

green23 topcommenter

@mingtran Yeah, I guess that I don't understand that government control creates a "negative". WTF does that even mean? 

Government control looks like it prevented this guy from blowing some people up. I don't consider that a negative. Rogers probably does, though. I see that as the "flipside".

"you are far too aloof to understand balance."

Oh boy, more cryptic BS. Yes, you hold the Key to the Eternal Psychedelic Wisdom. I cannot hope to grasp the Cosmic Principles that Mescalito has imparted to you. And so, I must accept that Rogers should be allowed to blow up, shoot, or otherwise harm innocent people so as to avoid the hidden "Flipside" that only you can understand. And you are not a flake that babbles like a cheap fortune cookie. Also, you are not a weird-ass troll that changes his name constantly in a desperate bid to be taken seriously. Got it.

green23 topcommenter

@keny1 @green23  No. I'm not saying anything remotely similar to that. Nothing in my comment even hints at that. 

Once again, you prove that your reading comprehension skills are severely lacking.

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