First train trip down Central Corridor tracks is in the books [PHOTOS]

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Pretty soon, you'll be able to hop the train after the Twins game and head to a show at Station 4.
You won't actually be able to ride one until next summer, but the first train on the Central Corridor's tracks made its way from Minneapolis to St. Paul on Sunday.

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The inaugural downtown-to-downtown trip took five hours (it was pulled by a railcar mover), but things should move a little quicker once the Central Corridor is complete -- for real riders, the 11-mile trip from Target Field to the St. Paul Union Depot will stop 22 times and take 39 minutes.

Sunday's trip was to make sure the train won't hit anything around or above it while moving down the tracks.

"It went as we expected. We were very happy," Laura Baenen, media communications manager for the Central Corridor project, told the Pioneer Press. "We were confident there wouldn't be impediments, and there weren't." Well, that's good, because it'd certainly suck if it crashed into that classic Rice Street McDonald's that used to be a bank or something.

Here's a couple photos of the train pulling into downtown St. Paul on Sunday (via the Central Corridor LRT Twitter account): Construction on the nearly $1 billion project is 92 percent complete, which raises the question -- we sure this thing can't be up and running this summer?

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