John Gilmore sues Mpls for "baseless" arrest making him seem "prejudiced toward Muslims"

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Gilmore's mugshot following his June 16, 2011 arrest.
Conservative activist, blogger, and lawyer John Gilmore has sued the city of Minneapolis for $10 million over a "baseless" June 2011 arrest that made him seem "bigoted, intolerant and prejudiced toward Muslims... Muslim women in particular," the Downtown Journal, citing court filings, reports.

THE BACKSTORY: John Hugh Gilmore, Minnesota Conservatives blogger, arrested for harassing Muslim women [VIDEO]

On that June evening, Gilmore was in downtown Minneapolis for a conservative conference headlined by Andrew Breitbart when he allegedly started harassing two women wearing Muslim headscarves. Witnesses and cops said Gilmore took photos of the women, demanded to know why they were in the U.S., and said things like, "This is America, welcome to America, this is the western world."

Bystanders intervened and tried to get Gilmore to leave the area. The tail end of the bizarre confrontation, including a scene where Gilmore apparently pretends to be on the phone with Breitbart himself, can be seen in this video clip:

Police arrested him after he allegedly threatened a bystander and wandered into The News Room bar. He was charged with disorderly conduct and being uncooperative during his arrest, but both charges were dropped a year later. Gilmore says the only thing he's guilty of is asking the women their opinion of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-Dutch activist who has been critical of Islam. (He also claims he "had just placed a vegetarian order when police 'manhandled' him out of [The News Room] in his Birkenstocks," the Journal reports.)

In his lawsuit, Gilmore, who is currently representing Andy Parrish during his involvement with an Iowa Senate ethics panel looking into allegations of wrongdoing involving Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign and an Iowa senator, claims his arrest and the ensuing negative publicity damaged his reputation.

Asked about the $10 million figure by the Journal, Gilmore's attorney, Mark Miller, said the allegations in the lawsuit "are pretty straightforward as to the serious affect this has had upon him."

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What a tool.

Clue for ya Johnny - you being an ass is on video. Good luck winning that suit.

green23 topcommenter

It seems to me that it's not his arrest that has damaged his reputation. It's acting like an asshole on a recording that has damaged his reputation. 

Muslims are not obliged to answer Gilmore's questions upon command, merely because they choose to walk in public. 

I guess that, according to Gilmore's logic, I should be able to stand outside of a church and demand that Christians defend all of the stupid things that Bachmann or Bryan Fischer says. Do these Christians think that they can just walk around on the public streets without being held accountable for the opinions of strangers?

MNjoe topcommenter

When he loses, the City of Mpls. should countersue for court costs.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

this guy has a terribly interesting blog where his goal is to make MPLS northside an urban utopia. he does this by ripping down local business ads and memorials posted on northside

he also posted a pic of his neighbor pissing in their own lawn and called the cops

bigtime dirtbag

Jeff Robertson
Jeff Robertson

You might win 10 mil, but you still are an ass and disgrace to humanity. Spend it wisely.

Dog Gone
Dog Gone topcommenter

He behaved badly; he's lucky they dropped the charges.  This is just attention getting crap.  What a jerk.

Marc Spencer
Marc Spencer

andy parrish needs to find a different laywer, this one seems a little "off"


Welcome to America, I'm suing to get mine, also, F*ck you.



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