Keith Ellison rescinds support for Diane Hofstede, now backing Jacob Frey

When Hofstede (left) lost the DFL endorsement to Frey (right), she also lost Keith Ellison's support.
One of this year's most interesting Minneapolis City Council races is shaping up in the 3rd Ward, where embattled incumbent Diane Hofstede faces a strong challenge from young lawyer Jacob Frey.

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In January, four of Hofstede's council colleagues came out in open opposition to her reelection. Hofstede responded with a press release listing some of her supporters, including three council members and Congressman Keith Ellison. But after Hofstede conceded the 3rd Ward's DFL endorsement to Frey earlier this month, Ellison apparently had second thoughts.

Eric Roper did some Google digging to uncover evidence of Ellison's flip-flop: Despite not having the DFL's backing (or enjoying Ellison's support), Hofstede is proceeding with her reelection bid.

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If memory serves, Jacob mentioned he got a call from Rep. Ellison during his post-endorsement party - I'm surprised it took this long for the letter to percolate out. The last thing you want is to be seen breaking with the party - we activist-types remember these things the next time they ask for our vote or our money. He's not the first, nor will he be the last.

Speaking of the whole Facebook brouhaha,  CM Hofstede managed to clean all of the 20+ comments from the "nastygram" CP previously reported on. Including one that was in support of her position, which makes no sense to me.

In a period where we've seen gay marriage legalized and new plans for both a Vikings stadium and a major Downtown East development using the stadium as an anchor, all we've seen from CM Hofstede is an invitation to a public meeting on the environmental impact statement on the  stadium and a note about the new Deputy Superintendent of the MPRB. Jacob has celebrated the passage of the marriage legislation and continued to engage on how to develop Downtown East, including streetcars (which just got a new funding source).  AND launch his general election campaign.

This strikes me as...disconnected...from the events that are important to and shaping the Third Ward.

Facebook isn't the end-all-be-all, but it is one key source of information and mobilization. CM Hofstede is not winning that battle. In this age of digital communication and mobilization, it speaks volumes about the disparate levels of organization of the two DFL campaigns - the "political newcomer" and the veteran.

CinBlueland topcommenter

Endorsement? Nothing but a battle of who wants to give you more. When was the last time Ellison was in MN? Tornado through his dist?

Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson

I've sent Hofstede several emails and never once received a reply

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