Madison police "overwhelmed" with calls confusing sunbathers for corpses

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People of Madison: These folks probably aren't dead. They're just enjoying something we haven't been able to in a while -- the warm sun.
Here's a sure sign you've just lived through a too-long winter: You see somebody lying around outside under the sun, and your first thought is Oh my God is that person dead?!

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In fact, so many people in Madison placed calls to police to share their concern about the well-being of sunbathers on Monday and Tuesday that a dispatcher asked a reporter to "Please tell cellphone users that people lying in the grass are not necessarily dead."

"The [911 call center] was overwhelmed with calls from cellphone users reporting people lying on the grass, not moving, possibly not living," reports.

Temps in Madison peaked at 78 degrees on Tuesday afternoon. Can you imagine what'll happen when highs hit 85 or 90? Folks listening to police scanner activity will probably think Wisconsin is in the midst of a zombie apocalypse or something.

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Citizens of Sconny, go poke those "corpses" with a stick and see what happens!


Hahahaha.  This is awesome!

Fred Johnston
Fred Johnston

TFF ROFLMFAO and in the state with the reputation for serial killers!!!!

Becca Hudson
Becca Hudson

well to be fair, they ARE white and bloated.

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