Man arrested for drunkenly hitting on Lakeville Taco Bell drive-thru employee

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Halverson was allegedly thinking way outside the bun when he made a pass at a T-Bell employee last Friday.
You can't blame a guy for trying, but you can blame him for being creepy and drunk -- especially when he's behind the wheel after bar close at a Taco Bell drive-thru.

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Nathan Halverson, a 26-year-old Lakeville resident, has been charged with stalking and driving drunk after he got shot down and wouldn't take no for an answer while hitting on a T-Bell drive-thru employee in his hometown.

Halverson was headed through the drive-thru just after bar close last Friday morning when he apparently decided that instead of chalupas, he wanted some lovin'. The Pioneer Press, citing the criminal complaint, reports that Halverson asked the employee for her number and "said he wanted her to come home with him after she got off work."

The employee, who told officers she had no idea who Halverson was, refused and told him he had to leave. But instead of cutting his losses and taking off, Halverson allegedly instead decided to pull up outside T-Bell's entrance and begin "flashing his high beams into the business," the complaint says.

Police were called, and Halverson, who last year was arrested for drunkenly going from door to door in a Farmington hotel and asking vistors for alcohol (he was charged with sexually assaulting a female guest during the course of his booze hunt), was still in his vehicle when officers arrived. He appeared to be drunk and ended up clocking in with a BAL of .15 at the station.

They say love is hard to find. We'd submit it's damn near impossible when you're looking for it at 2 a.m. in one of the least romantic spots imaginable -- a fast-food drive-thru.

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Do the world a favor. Somebody put this idiot out of his misery.

Tavis Roy
Tavis Roy

sexual harassment isn't a joke

Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson

I guess this is kinda funny and all, but I kinda find it disrespectful that a publication such as the City Pages would put up the mug shot of a petty criminal in such a way. What is this, the Enquirer? I don't defend his (alleged) actions certainly and I hate creepy dudes as much as the next person, but this crime is petty and not terribly newsworthy... and was he convicted? I mean even the boston bombers get the respect of being called "alleged bombers" by respectable media sources... so this guy doesn't deserve as much respect as a terrorist who kills and/or maims hundreds of people? I'm not sure if this article's purpose is to celebrate or chastise this petty criminal... regardless, I kinda find it unneccesary. Don't you have real shit to report on?

ajlalk3 topcommenter

Hey now, drive thrus can be plenty romantic. That's where Homer Simpson proposed to Marge.

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