Man robs TCF Bank in St. Cloud, calls police hours later to confess

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After robbing a bank and leaving the scene without being arrested, Kourima apparently had second thoughts just hours later.
Around 12:30 on Sunday afternoon, a man walked into a TCF Bank branch location in St. Cloud and handed a teller a note instructing him to start stuffing $100 bills in an envelope and "and no one gets hurt."

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Moments later, the suspect made off with $580 in cash. No arrest was immediately made.

But according to a St. Cloud Times report, police received a key tip just hours later. In fact, it was more than a tip -- it was a confession from the bank robber himself.

The suspect, later identified as 36-year-old Fehd El Mehdi Kourima, told police he'd "done something bad and had a lot of money." Police say they identified Kourima in bank surveillance footage. The cash was found in his residence along with the note he passed the teller (it had been ripped up).

Despite coming clean, Kourima still faces a stiff penalty. He's been charged with second-degree aggravated robbery, a crime that could land him in prison for as many as 15 years.

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digitalprotocol: How rude of you when you don't even know the guy.  You're pathetic and most likely a racist too. 

digitalprotocol topcommenter

pathetic, this fkn guy has no clue how to exist in America. He pulls off the American dream of robbing a bank (banks are evil ponzi schemes) and fails hard. 

goes to show foriegners are really stupid - why would you leave the robbery in progress with so little loot? fuck this guy pisses me off

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