Mandy Matula's brother says David Roe left farewell video, recently bought a gun

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Roe (left) is dead, and Matula (right) is still missing.
Early today, Steven Matula -- brother of Mandy Matula, the 24-year-old Eden Prairie resident who vanished last Thursday morning after being picked up from her parents' house by her on-the-rocks boyfriend, David Roe -- took to Facebook to give a detailed update about the investigation into his sister's disappearance.

THE BACKSTORY: Mandy Matula intended to break up with David Roe before she disappeared and he shot himself

His update contained a couple of interesting nuggets. Matula said Roe, who died hours after shooting himself in the head outside Eden Prairie police headquarters on Friday afternoon, left a farewell video on his phone saying goodbye to his family. Roe also bought a gun in the days before Mandy's disappearance and his suicide, according to Matula.

Here's the full (unedited) update from Steven Matula, which was originally posted on the "Finding Mandy Matula" Facebook page:
*********************QUESTION ANSWERING********************* ************ I am answering these to the best of my knowledge********

--Mandy and Daves CELL PHONE/LAPTOP- Mandys CELLPHONE was left home and was not touched untill police took it in for investigation. Mandy's Cellphone leads us to know where. DAVES cell phone on the other hand had little texts from from when Mandy and Dave got into his vehicle. Daves phone has a video of him saying fairwell to his family. Dave *I believe* has a Galaxy s3. Daves laptop has no good source of information on what happened to mandy.

-- Dirt on vehicle- Daves 2013 Ford Escape did have dirt on it and with the dirt that everyone saw on his vehicle did contain clay. We have found a place in Sartell area that contained clay and we did grab samples of that dirt so the police can investigate on it. The police have investigated areas on where dave use to fish that did contain dirt. I do not know of the areas at the moment, but they have looked at all dirt roads possible. Proble some roads missed.

--Under carriage of vehicle- There are no major or noticeable scratch's on the under body. Just normal drive wear and scratch's.

--Social Media/Facebook- The police are still trying to get search warrants for Facebook. For the police need to follow strict guide lines and other procedures.

--Secret Paths- There are a ton more "secret" paths to look at. The police have been around the clock looking, searching, collecting, and figuring out new leads or hints. So if there are any "secret" paths that you don't believe has searched, You have all the liberty in the world to go check it out and if you know for a FACT that there is nothing there, please let us know.

--Frisbess disc and staring lake- I sent out a crew to look around the lake, but I do not know if anyone has thoroughly searched that area. If someone would like to set up their own group of 15-30 people and head it out there to run it down, please do so and let us know if you know for a FACT it is all clear. Please no assuming.

--Premeditated- I, Steve, am looking at this case as a Premeditated murder. The police are looking at it from all directions. But I personally do believe this was set up, since he did buy a gun a week ago. I have asked for the police to look into daves cell phone to see what cell phone towers pinged up a week to 2 weeks before mandy's dissapearance. I am awaiting for a response within this following week. We have to wait for sprint to release that information.

--Residence-- The police have talked to Dave's parents about their current location and old location. They did search his new and old residence. There was no clues at both locations. So no need to look into his house's for guns or ammunition. Although the police are still gonna be searching them in case they over look something, which is possible.

--Maple Grove- The police are investigating into that, I do not know at what pace their search is for it, but they are considering it has another clue or hint into mandy's case. I will talk to them tomorrow 5-6-13 about MG and lake anderson.
To read the rest of Steven's post, click to page two.

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