Minneapolis is one of America's top sports cities, study says

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Our teams might not be very good, but we mostly love 'em anyway.
Sports, sports, sports -- is your whole life just sports?

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Well, if it is, you're living in one of the right places. According to a study put together by Nerd Wallet, Minneapolis is the county's 6th-best sports city.

Nerd Wallet ranked the 12 cities that have teams in all the major professional sports leagues -- the MLB, NFL, NBA, and MLS WNBA Bikini Basketball League NHL. They then ranked the cities based on average ticket prices (of course, better to be cheap than exorbitantly expensive), attendance (better to have more fans in the stands than less), and the number of sports bars in town.

Here's the full breakdown for the top six cities:


Of course, it should be noted that Nerd Wallet's ranking doesn't factor in the relative suckiness of the teams in each city. Because if it did, Minneapolis would likely plummet down the list as rapidly as the Twins' payroll.

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