MN tea party group asks members to pray for George Soros's conversion to Christianity

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Will the power of prayer turn George Soros into a God-fearing Christian? Some Minnesota tea partiers sure hope so!
Well, this is weird. The Alexandria Lakes Area Tea Party is asking members to pray "perhaps more than once a day" for the conversion of liberal financier George Soros from atheism to Christianity.

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"We are hoping that by midsummer, the whole world will be praying for Mr. Soros," a PDF posted on their website says.

Bluestem Prairie's Sally Jo Sorensen provides some context:
A Jew born in Hungary, Soros and his family managed to escape extermination by Nazis in World War II by assuming false identities and hiding, according to his website. He is an atheist who "believes that people of faith and faith communities contribute to the public's understanding of pressing social issues and often add a principled, moral aspect to debates that are too often dominated by politicians, statistics and polling," a[n] FAQ on his religion notes.

Yes, this is the place that elected and re-elected Mary Franson to the state legislature.
Here's the PDF the Alexandria teabaggers posted on their website:

Alexandria Lakes Area Soros Prayer Project

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