MN United creates fundraising PAC to support lawmakers who voted for gay marriage

photo by Tony Nelson for City Pages
Governor Mark Dayton signs marriage equality into law on Tuesday.
Minnesotans United is the lobbying group responsible for all those "Vote No" bumper stickers and yard signs in the fall.

After the amendment was defeated, the campaign transformed into "Vote Yes," and MN United became the force behind the blue-and-orange "Support the Freedom to Marry"shirts that crowded the Capitol as first the House, then the Senate voted to pass a marriage equality bill that Governor Mark Dayton signed into law late Tuesday afternoon.

Now the group is setting its sights on a third goal: Making sure that the legislators who stuck their necks out for the bill don't get booted out of office.

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On Wednesday morning, the group announced that it had formed the MN United PAC, a political action committee that will work to re-elect those lawmakers from either party who voted in favor of marriage equality. Between the House and the Senate, 107 DFLers and five Republicans supported the bill.

"Minnesotans United recognizes that casting a yes vote in favor of allowing same-sex couples to marry was a decision that many legislators struggled with," said Richard Carlbom, the group's campaign manager, in a statement. "But their leadership and choice to stand on the side of families and freedom in Minnesota should be commended."

The new PAC will devote itself to fundraising and building grassroots support for legislators' upcoming campaigns.

The law passed 75 to 59 in the House and 37 to 30 in the Senate. Among the risky "yes" votes was first-term DFLer Rep. Joe Radinovich, whose Aitkin-area constituents have started a petition to recall him in response to his support for the bill.

"These legislators cast an important historic vote," the release announcing the MN United PAC concludes. "Now it's our turn to show our appreciation and tell them that we've got their back."

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lund519, sounds to me like all the gay people you describe are in meat market bars.  Lots of us don't have socially crippled mindsets, but you would have to climb down off a bar stool to meet us.  I agree with your comments to a great degree, but don't feel it's community wide.  It's very typical of the bar and cruising scene though, quite sadly. 


Can I add something, as a member of the LGBT community who has watched this go on for years? I have always been supportive of marriage equality and am happy for those about to get married. Now, I know the gay higher-ups don't want to hear this, but the majority of gay people don't even know how to date. We don't even know how or where to meet someone, how to navigate a dating relationship, how not to just pack everything up and call it quits after 3-6 weeks. I know straight people have issues as well, but straight people make up more than 90% of the population. You have no idea the lifelong effects of being held back from learning how to date and develop social skills is like. And nobody in the gay community wants to have this talk. They want you to see the $3 million condos and new BMW's and perfect bodies and doctorate degrees and everything artificial that we use to deem whether another gay person is 'worth our time' or not. That's not love.

I'm lying if I say I feel like this is some victory. We need dialogue on how relationships work and that's not a dig or attack, it's a fact that the majority of us as gay people missed out on very important years of development where others learned the basics. We're trying to do this at 35, 40 and beyond and it's not working. Our problems in being unable or unwilling to be a little less shallow or judgmental towards each other and learn how to develop skills to seek a partner who will be there when the 'party' is over, or when you get sick or lose your job, or are at your worst...we've got a lot to learn, and no marriage amendment passage is going to fix that. As long as we refuse to own this, nothing is going to change the state of our relationships that often don't make it past 6-24 months...


@lund519 Well, you need to realize that the vast majority of people who will actually get married under this new law will be older couples in their 50's and 60's who have been together for a long time. And most of them will be lesbians. 

You know as well as I do the average span of a gay male relationship: 6 months or less. Whether it has to do with shallowness or being judgemental, I don't know. From my experience, it has to do with the fact that most gay men are obsessed with sex. Once the sex becomes boring or routine, they move on to the next partner. Go look at the craigslist M4M section and compare that to the M4F section. The men looking for women on M4F are interested in seeking a long term relationship or casual dating. What are all the posts on M4M? Cock and ass pictures. But we already know this. The straight people who were for this law have no clue what the typical "gay guy" is looking for. And, no, it is not a wedding ring.

However, and this is my theory, and you can debate if you want to. There is a reason why gay men are given a "pass" to be promiscuous. And it is the same reason why straight guys are given the same pass. Men are men. Men are always horny. It's the old "Boys will be Boys" syndrome. The difference is that, when straight guys get married, there is a cultural burden over their heads (aka Traditional Marriage) to remain faithful to their wife. Even more so after they have children. And when they cheat and get caught at it, they are viewed as scum. But in gay (male) culture, if a man in a so-called committed relationship gets caught cheating, we just accept it as "normal" and "part of the culture". (when I say "we", I am referring to us gay males). That is the problem. Straight people who "support us" are completely oblivious to the "culture" that we have to endure. They just think that gay male relationships are the same as theirs. We know better. Ironically, the "haters" and "bigots" know more about the typical gay man than the Liberal heterosexuals who "support out cause". 

And sadly, they are right. 

This is why I remain in the closet. I am not ashamed of myself nor the fact that I am attracted to other men. I am ashamed of the "community". Which I have no desire to be part of. 

swmnguy topcommenter

@keny1 I think you may have me slightly wrong.  I haven't supported same-sex marriage because I give a damn about the "gay male 'culture' " you mention.  I may very well be completely oblivious to it.  I also don't care whether or not "gay male relationships are the same as" mine.  You may be right that the only couples getting married will be people who have been together a long time, and will mostly be women.

See, I'm not a Liberal who loves everybody without any judgment and supports causes because they feel good.  I'm an Anarchist by nature who doesn't give much of a damn how other people think or behave as long as they keep it to themselves, but believes that institutions, if we've got to have them, need to be fair.  Civil Marriage in Minnesota has not been fair and I think that's wrong.  So I have supported same-sex marriage.  Gay people and straight people should be equally free to not get married or have decent relationships if that's how they roll.  Until now, straight people have had options available to them not available to gay people.  That's wrong.  And it's affected the way the gay people I've known have adapted to life.  Not always for the better.

And, maybe because I'm now in my late 40s, most of the GLBT people I know are in fact in long-term relationships.  Almost all of them.  I think if they hadn't spent their formative years hiding out they all would be, except for those who just don't form those kinds of relationships, and I know a number of straight people like that too.

You need to get out more.  I don't just mean "Out;" that's up to you and I don't much mind what you see fit to do.  I mean meet people in the normal run of life.

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