New Vikings punter Jeff Locke gave Chris Kluwe props for helping defeat marriage amendment

Jeff Locke (right) followed in Kluwe's path from from UCLA to Minnesota.
The more things change... the more they stay the same?

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No doubt, Chris Kluwe is irreplaceable, but it appears new Vikings punter Jeff Locke has a lot in common with the man whose job he took.

First, Locke and Kluwe both attended UCLA. In fact, if Locke's Twitter feed is any indication, it appears he's a big Kluwe fan who was proud of his fellow Bruin for the key role he played in helping defeat Minnesota's same-sex-marriage-banning constitutional amendment. From last November 7: Later that month, Kluwe attended a UCLA-USC game with fellow Viking and USC album Matt Kalil, and the two placed a friendly wager on the outcome: After UCLA won, Locke urged Kluwe not to let Kalil off easy: If that's not enough, Locke and Kluwe also share a favorite pastime -- video games. Kluwe, for what it's worth, also seems to admire Locke. He tweeted this just after the Vikings selected him in the 5th Round of this year's draft: Maybe the takeaway lesson is that UCLA punters just tend to be really cool guys in general?

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Ross Levine
Ross Levine

Great, so can we stop with the theories that he was thrown under the bus or betrayed by the Vikings over his social views now and treat it like it would have been without them, a punter being let go and a new one joining the team? It is however nice to hear that Jeff Locke is carrying that socially progressive torch, at least in spirit.

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