Police release sketch of man who allegedly attempted to abduct girl near Lake Calhoun [IMAGE]

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The site of the May 5 attempted abduction.
Earlier this month, three men allegedly attempted to abduct a 13-year-old girl just blocks away from Lake Calhoun. The men fled the scene after the girl screamed, and no arrests have been made.

THE BACKSTORY: Three men tried to abduct 13-year-old girl while she rode her bike near Lake Calhoun, police say

Today, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension released a sketch of one of the suspects.

Here it is:


Anyone with information about the incident or the suspects is asked to call MPD Sergeant Jerry Wallerich at 612-673-2864.

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Zach Nyhus
Zach Nyhus

Yeah, be on the lookout for a man resembling the southwest portion of a lake!!!

Moe Kharrazi
Moe Kharrazi

looks like a creature that lived in the lake

Dan Rost
Dan Rost

Keira Knightley and Jay Lenno's lovechild?

Erica Limberg
Erica Limberg

yeah that kind of looks like a woman's face on a man's head.

Anna Alexandra Eleanore
Anna Alexandra Eleanore

That's the best they could do? It's completely bizarre looking. But I suppose it's better than nothing. Also, I live near L.C. and never heard about this - scary! I'm glad the girl got away.

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