Poll: Buying beers on Sunday is way more popular than DFL, MNGOP, or Mark Dayton

The DFL remains more popular than the MNGOP, but that isn't saying much.
Today, Public Policy Polling released its end-of-session snapshot of the popularity of Minnesota's elected officials.

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And this probably won't surprise you, but it turns out buying a cold beer on a Sunday is way more popular than any of them.

According to the poll, Mark Dayton's favorable/unfavorable split is 49/47, which represents a significant drop from the 53/39 split he enjoyed as recently as January. (In particular, the poll shows his support among independents has cratered.) But after asking more than 700 Minnesotans who they'd vote for in hypothetical 2014 contests between Dayton and various MNGOP gubernatorial prospects -- including Kurt Daudt, David Hann, Scott Honour, and Kurt Zellers, among others -- PPP's president, Dean Debnam, concluded that Dayton "still looks like a pretty clear favorite over any of the Republicans contemplating the race."

Meanwhile, the favorable/unfavorable split for DFLers in the legislature is 36/49. That's not good, but it's still better than the 23 percent approval rating for MNGOP legislators (with 59 percent disapproving), and DFLers lead the generic ballot by a 47/41 margin.

As far as issues go, gay marriage remains divisive (49 percent approve of legalization, 45 percent opposed), the minimum wage hike that stalled in conference committee would've been viewed favorably by the majority of Minnesotans (54 percent approve of raising it to $9.50, compared to 37 percent opposed), and increasing cigarette taxes to help pay for the public portion of the Vikings stadium is unpopular (35 percent support it, 53 percent opposed).

In fact, the most popular thing PPP asked Minnesotans about is Sunday liquor sales, which Minnesotans approve by a 2-to-1 margin (62 percent/31 percent).

Here's some unsolicited advice for Dayton, who looks increasingly vulnerable, and his unpopular DFL pals in the legislature -- get your act together and unify in support of a robust minimum wage hike and Sunday beer sales before the next election cycle is in full swing.

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TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

Interesting, we had SINGLE party control starting this year.  I know the bill came up, why didn't the single party in control listen to the people? 

digitalprotocol topcommenter

No shit. Beer isn't full of shit, its full of calories...


Excellent advice; the Sunday booze ban really gets my blood pressure up.  Ironically, I moved out-of-state to a place that has no bans on the sale of liquor - buy on Sunday!  buy at the grocery store! - and do you think the place has nothing but drunks wandering around?  OF COURSE NOT.  I want the names of the lobbyists the booze industry is paying to sway votes in the Minnesota legislature, and I want the names of politicians who continually accept god-knows-what bribes and arguments to keep voting against what the voters want.

Brian-Mary Jo Lofquist
Brian-Mary Jo Lofquist

And yet, like on universal background checks, the legislature gave in to the lobbyists.

k2yeb topcommenter

Politicians not truly representing their constituencies. No way.

Jessy Klier
Jessy Klier

What a democracy we live in when what the people want is ignored!

Ross Levine
Ross Levine

No opinion poll about legalizing cannabis?


Awesome!  Thank you!  And the first name I click on is that of a Teamster....as a former postal workers union member, I'm thinking that dude should know better.

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