Reporter: Blackhawks "had a tremendous amount of sex during the regular season" [VIDEO]

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Collins on Twitter: "I meant to say success. My apologies, got a little tongue tied." 
:::: UPDATE :::: Susannah Collins, reporter who said Blackhawks "had a tremendous amount of sex," is fired [VIDEOS]

While previewing the first game of the Blackhawks-Wild playoff series from outside Chicago's locker room, CSN reporter Susannah Collins apparently had sex on the mind, or at least floating through her subconscious.

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That's because her attempt to say "The Blackhawks had a tremendous amount of success during the regular season" came out of her mouth as follows: "The Blackhawks had a tremendous amount of sex this regular season." Oops!

Here's the footage:

In fairness to Collins, since the 'Hawks led the NHL with 36 wins in 48 regular season games, we don't doubt players enjoyed their share of coitus, or whatever they're into. Though on the other hand, perhaps all those wins demonstrates they stayed focused on what was happening on the ice, not on what was going on in their bedrooms.

In either event, just before the puck was dropped in what turned out to be a 2-1 overtime win for the Blackhawks, Collins promised to be careful pronouncing the name of one of the Wild's key players: Though ignoring Clutterbuck turned out to be impossible -- he scored the Wild's only goal of the game -- it appears Collins managed to say it without another major gaffe. Congrats to her!

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